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Popular questions hair for extension

1. How many grams for beautiful and thick hair extension enough?
How many grams is very individual and depends on first of all from own hairs length and density but at least:
— 22 inches (0.56 m) is 100-120 gr. Of hair blond extension bulk or wefted extension
— 24 inches (0.61 m) 100-150 gr. of black hair extension
— 26 inches (0.66 m) 130-200grams brown hair extensions
— 28inches (0.71 m) 150-200 grams of any human extensions hair, it’s just better to have spare 20 gr. so that you add withhair  extension refiling
2. How much bonds will be from 100 gr. 22inches (0.56 m) hand-made prebonds extension hairs around 150 pieces micro bonds extension and work with small bonds so natural and very comfortable in wearing them.
3. How long does shipping delivery take and from where?
Parcels are sent from Ukraine. Ups or DHL delivery depends on the day of sending and time. If the parcel arrived for deliver on Monday morning then such parcels reach you as quickly as possible in just a couple of days if on Friday or Saturday it slows down the whole process so the weekend post service does not work
4. What is human hair double drawn mean?
This means the density of the ends of the Russian hair bundles for each hair manufacturer in Russia is different.
Single drawn hair extension is a large quantity of short hairs inside and skinny ends, the ends in our European hair vendor company is the lack of short inside and all hairs is the same length in bulk hair bundle
5. My hairs order are aren’t the right color. What should i do?
If the differs from your own color in a shade, the first option is that we can change it for another color. Second option its make full hairs extension and visit professional hairdresser which colors them in perfect shadow. The most often clients go ahead with last option and get very beautiful result
6. How do i know which hair extension color to choose
Practice has shown the best option so human hair color we choose for you. For this need your daylight selfie or any photo where clearly possible see your color. So Its the best way to choose for you right shadow and weight natural hairs extensions
7. How long does my hair-product have to be lifetime?
Remy wefts hair extension and Remy extension products can be use lifespan. Our hair supplier give to the best European quality hair extension. Slavic natural hair is soft, smooth and silky unlimited time and even possible sale hair extension on EBAY.
But for Brazilian hair extensions or pre bonder Russian hairs extension life time shorter because with refiling cut every time 5-7 cm. Tile they not become very short hair extension generally its take 1 year.
8. Can my hair be dyed ?
Definitely Yes, the hairs is very successful to dye, but in any case it is better that should be professional hairdresser and then it will be fine
9. Can l use styling tools?
Yes, of course, you use everything, it is only recommended to use sprays and oils that protect them from hight temperature.
Ideal iron temperature for blond hair and light brown hair extension need more gentle ratio of 130-150 degrees Celsius, just with low temperature iron them more times, but yours and European hair extension will be healthier. For dark hair extensions 130-170 degrees, temperatures depends on from texture own hair, for thin natural hairs low temperature, for thick hairs extension little higher.
10. Haw to wash my hair extension?
When you are new, when washing them to throw your head back and gently spread shampoo and wash thoroughly inside the head. Recommended using a mask applied to the length, avoid roods and bonds inside. Wash it well inside as after extensions your own hairs will become thicker and you need more time to wash it well.
11. Haw to brush my hair extension?
Brush gently 2-6 per day. In morning and evening it is obligatory comb thoroughly inside. So in the future inside does not get tangled.
12 how to using conditioner and other hair care?
The mask should be applied along the length but avoid the area of the bondind. Wash your thoroughly, dry and apply a moisturizing spray. And your hairs equally like take care about them.
13. What is better order ponytails or clipins ?
Both variations are good, but they different. With European hair pony tail extension can made a magnificent and voluminous tail. With second option possible install them to be with loose and wear as permanent extensions hair. Remove them or install wherever you want it. European Clip ins hairs suitable for tail style too. From permanent hair extensions clip-ins in Us, Australia, Uk, Canada and in other countries very popular this type.
14. Which hair order for Brazilian hair extension?
For Brazilian hair extension need buy only bulk human hairs in bundles. Than for you in hair extension beauty salon near to you will make for beautiful Brazilian extension. But keep in mind every time when do it refiling cut from lengths 2-4 inches (ca. -10 cm) with each refill lengths go away. That’s why better take longer length because its enough for longer months.
15. How to order hair extension retail?
You send in What’s App hairs picture with day light and explain how do you want them wear. At the beginning we show you different option we choose together right color. After receiving money from western union we pack hair orders and send to you by ups. Now good offer available free hair extensions delivery.
16. What’s mean extension remy cuticle hair?
Cuticle human hair this means flakes not damaged by mechanical and process manipulation and the extension hair healthy inside and outside. Extensions Remy hair its mean from top direction in one way to the ends. Its mean good hair for extensions
17. From where order hair extension?
So supply wholesale hair extension and in retail hair extension Specialize in selling high-quality remy natural hair extensions that brings pleasure and enjoy Chinese hair factory sale Indian non remy hair inverted in wrong direction and burnet products. For them, the main thing is to get cheap hair extensions price.
Ukraine and Russia are regions of natural slavic hair with very good quality is region famous for good hair quality. So we try to make the best hair for you! Forever order from Ukraine or Russian hair suppliers. With us you are guaranteed to get quality for your money.
In your country, our quality cost a lot of money. There intermediary hair extension distributor. If you order hair from Asia it is poor quality from inverted hairs and selicon coating.

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