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How to dye hair extensions

When is the best time to dye your hair before or after hair extensions?

For blondes hair extension hair, it is better to dye the roots just before any natural extensions. Not later than a week before. To keep the dark roots from growing back. The fact is that italian keratin or the other material of which the bond or wefts is composed is transparent, and the material accepts the material seals your hair 1 cm from the root along with the extensions. If the dark roots are already more than 3-5mm, then they will fall into the bonds of extensions or wefted extensions and thus sealed there, during the next staining, these few mm will no longer be painted and you will have to live with dark roots until the next hair extension refiling. And for the hairdresser it will be a big problem to color these dark spots evenly.

Be sure to dye the roots before good quality extensions or refiling extensions!

After the best hair blond extension, you can visit the hairdresser and tone your hair completely. At any time, you can tint natural hair for hair extensions from Russian Ukrainian hair professional, any professional dye fits perfectly.

Since Ukrainian hair professional sells 100% natural hair of perfect quality. Therefore, you can tint and color hair unlimited time.

For brunettes, it is recommended to color the roots before installing extensions. Since if immediately after building, apply a composition for dyeing the roots with oxidize 6-9%.

If this composition is applied to the roots immediately after hair extensions, then a high percentage of the oxidizing agent will destroy the bonds and hair will begin to fall out of the bonds.

Therefore, it is better to dye the roots after a month, when the hair bonds are 100% solid.

As for color your hair, you can ton it at any time, since the compositions for toning hair are weak, and the oxidizing agent is weak and the capsules do not collapse if a weak oxidizing agent is applied to the hair.

Choose hair only from Ukrainian hair professional of the best quality hair for your extension!

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