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Snow-white blond extensions or Nordic blond is the pinnacle of excellence work in creating the lightest hair color since high-quality hair when the hair flakes cuticle healthy remy blond in one direction. We have all the hair beautiful without yellowness and has healthy shine white color. And blond hair extensions has shades such as:

Hair extension is the art of the hair stylist, this process if done well and efficiently. Takes a lot of time and energy and then such a smart painstaking work on your head in combination with good hair quality, it turns out a masterpiece on your head Extension in blond one should be proud of this extension since it is a high-quality, very cool work and your new hair will look like your kind of quality of color and shade will be perfect of our blond cannot be compared with low cost Vietnamese and Chinese hair quality.
A white blonde was always considered as expensive and complex color since dyeing hair gently in professional hair company must be able and know how to do it so that hair is dyed to keep the cuticle layer healthy, then after whitening it is to gently give the shade to blond hair, shampoo it and put into bunches this top of professional do all the work on for 100 well, we use only the best hair, since for blond we take only the best raw materials, the hair of young girls, which is very rare, we have a full course about lightening Russian bulk hair in bundles of young girls the process is quite long, about 8 days; we can’t rush in this business since dyeing hair is a long process first, the hair is sorted, sewn to the fabric, then cleaned after the hair is sent to soak. So that the flakes open completely and strengthen in the bath preparing the dyeing bath, then that day is the most important in the process of bleaching hair blond since the flakes opened easily and gently enters the brightening alkaline composition after a couple of hours, snow-white hair, then washing and going to the next process of restoration so that the flakes close and the final process of tinting into different popular shades, such a long process takes place in the future extensions, this is absolutely a creative process to create hair of perfect quality for you.

(Hairs) does no shedding and no tangle in care

it is possible to make capsules or flash it in the woof universal hair with them you can do anything discounts from us from you reviews.

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