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Micro bond hair extension is derived from the pre-tipped keratin bonding becoming a very popular procedure small bond its Italian hot technical extension longer, volume and the most important its natural prebonded hairs extensions, because strands possible install on different parts of head where its need it. Second way some girls want add crazy colors for permanent extension to brighter for temporary period and avoid dyed in blond color or crazy colors.
We supply Russian pre bonded hair extension. You can order blond bonds extension hair or black pre bonded hair extensions with small tips very natural extension in hair.
European prebonded hair extension looks very natural in any range of colors with light brown bonded hair or dark brown pre-bonded hair extension its beautiful. In hair manufacture make hair bond from durable Italian keratin. All strands are pre-bonded human hair manually by experienced craftsmen sale hair bonded extensions. Each piece is perfectly melted keratin qualitatively soldered micro bond extensions. Our extension hair company dolt small capsules so that the weight does not damage your native hair and looked natural and imperceptible. Convenient for easy handle and take care for them. It is very important what you feel with our Remy human hair bonds option that we can pre-bonded for you, based on your demanding.

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  • order blond bonding hair extension online

the Russian long hair is soft, smooth and silky textures so it is easy to care about them. Micro extension bonds give a lot of pleasure. With such hair and small bond extensions will be like your native hair. No one notice that this is a modern Slavic bonded hair extension procedure in hair shop you can buy soft hair in bonds

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